Events Are
My Passion

Christopher K. Bryant

I am proud to say that throughout 15+ years of professional event marketing engagement, I've gained significant experience in every major aspect of events including: Conceptualization, Sales, Production, Execution, and Management. I’ve also left the air-conditioned comfort of offices and experienced the dirty-hands task of setting up and tearing down major branded exhibits spanning over 12,000 square feet of space, including three or more 53' custom fabricated trailers. Further logistical knowledge was acquired by touring event marketing exhibits in 15 to 30 markets for contract-agency accounts that are now either legacy or legendary.

Suffice it to say, events are my passion. My desire is to either Turnkey your next event via our commercial event services, or work directly with your event team to diversify, expand, and add dynamic, relevant content to existing properties. Whether you represent a municipality, church, agency, or private enterprise, I would be delighted to discuss event related strategies and services with you.

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