Hello. My name is Christopher K. Bryant.

Simply put, I love events, promotions, and concept development. The affinity emerges from a free-spirit, and the exhilaration of seeing visions brought to life. Whether writing concepts for signature Hillman B2 events, municipalities, agencies, or corporate brands; the thrill and the passion knows no boundaries. To learn more about the personal side of the experiences, take a moment to read Our Story. Let's get started.

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1. Concept Development

Whether building from a blank sheet, or enhancing an existing property, the unique challenges of each scenario causes for me a fixation and a resolve to see a successful fulfillment.

2. Event Sales

In partnership with municipalities, there are no expectations for the branch to pay full freight for their local execution. If the property is not worth the appeal and support of private-funding, then its likely not worth doing.

3. Event Marketing

Social Media is great, but traditional media is tried, proven, and true. In paraphrase of a biblical verse: One should be done without leaving the other undone.

4. Production & Execution

Hands will get dirty, sweat will be borne, work clothes will be worn, for the sole purpose of manifesting an environment that is pleasing to clients and consumers, as well as conducive to brands and objectives.

Skills & Competencies

Digital bio link available upon request
Conceptualization & Fulfillment
Promotional Tours & Mobile Marketing
Account Management
Event Sales