Check-In Desk
General seating - stage view
Guests on stage
Escorting Commissioner
Keynote speaker and host
Wine & Chocolate Night View
Society Bars
Full night view of stage
Aveon Falsta - Night View
Two ladies at Tents
Night view of tents + stage
Couple at tent
Chocolate treats
Ice table with chocolate
Senior group with lawn seating
Guests at Wine & Chocolate Tent
Guests seating at table with Tiffany Green linen
Event table setting
Guest departing food truck
Expanded tent view
Hershey chocolate treats
Two ladies seated at table
Guests watching event
Expanded view of stage
General admission guests
Row of tents with solar lighting
Expanded view of stagefront tables
Guests heading to Domino's Pizza
Band on stage
Event Host between sets
Event DJ
Friends talking with seated lady
Ladies walking towards 20x20 tents
Conley Chili Lounge
Couple with lawn seating
Lady in orange dress at food truck
Host and stage view
Table setting with black linen
An array of tents
Man & woman walking with Domino's pizza
Two male friends talking
Bartender serving customer
Drummer on stage
Saxophonist on stage
Aveon Falstar with arms extended
Lindor chocolate treats
Man talking with kneeling lady


We Heard You

Thank you for comments and suggestions. As evident by the unscripted video Testimonials above, we received numerous positive reviews regarding the first annual Pizza, Beer, & Jazz. Still, all first-time events contain room for improvement. We have responded to the most repetitious or relevant feedback from 2021 attendees. Don't forget to view Our Enhancements which include plans for an even better 2022 experience.

The Wine & Chocolate Tent was back too far!

Totally correct. Though many guests enjoyed the environment, the tent absolutely should have been closer. Consider it corrected for next year.

It was too hot.

Yes. The heat was fierce, particularly for those that did not have Premium seating. To help mitigate the heat factor, we are planning the 2022 event for mid-September. We will also start later. The new timeframe will also provide an extended night view of the stage, tents, and bar lighting.

Expand the alcohol selection.

Expanding the beer and wine selection is easy. Consider it done. Also, as many noted, our beverage pricing was reasonable. In addition to a Wine & Chocolate Tent, our initial plans included a Cognac & Cigar Tent The County did not look favorably upon distilled spirits in the park. Since the caliber of Pizza, Beer, & Jazz has been made evident, hopefully that request will be approved for 2022.

Give everyone a slice of pizza with their ticket.

Fair request, but let's compromise. We can't give everyone a free slice, but we can certainly do so for the first 50 to 100 ticket buyers. See? We are reasonable.

Our Enhancements

  • Develop an amphitheater-style setting for maximum viewing and stage proximity
  • Produce event in September and in the evening for cooler weather.
  • Diversify jazz bands.
  • Expand the entertainment.
  • Add Cognac & Cigar Tent, if approved by the County.
  • Include complimentary slice of pizza for first 50 - 100 ticket buyers.


Guest Accommodations for Premium ticket holders were provided by Society - The Upscale Mobile Venue. We have several mobile venues that will transform your backyard or offsite event space. Click the image below to learn more.

The Bistro