Who We Are

Shoes for Shelters Foundation evolved from Holiday Charity Affair, an annual fundraiser that started in 2012. Partial proceeds from event are used to purchase blocks of gift cards from a low-cost shoe retailer, such as Payless Shoe Source, Wal-Mart, Target, etc. The gift cards are donated to homeless shelters that houses women and children. Shelter residents may then purchase new shoes of their preferred size and color. In August 2015 the humanitarian endeavor of Holiday Charity Affair gave birth to Shoes for Shelters Foundation, Inc., a Georgia-based tax exempt entity.

How to Support Us
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What We've Done

Each year we select a Georgia based tax exempt shelter to receive the donation of gift cards. In 2012 and 2013, we selected The Garden, owned and operated by 7 Bridges to Recovery. In 2014 through 2017 we selected Nicholas House. Though we have not yet received external funding, we have donated over $4,000 in gift cards as well as facilitated nearly $3,000 in cash donations to shelter partners. In 2018 the event's cost started to increase, which affected profit potential. We therefore postponed the 2019 production in order to make the necessary execution and production adjustments. The 2020 Holiday Charity Affair was prevented due to COVID-19. We are now planning to reintroduce the event in November 2021.

Desires of the Heart

Starting in 2021 we desire to vastly increase our volume of gift card donations in order to develop more shelter partnerships and subsequently benefit more shelter residents. Additionally, we plan to add a Mother’s Day distribution to our existing Black Friday distribution of gift cards. These desires and plans are attainable by broader exposure, controlling costs, as well as increasing financial support from individuals, corporations, and foundations. Contact us for additional information, or you may donate now by clicking the button.

Our Heartstrings

Mother's Day Gift-Cards Distribution

Using funds raised during the first quarter of 2022, we plan to announce and execute a Mother’s Day distribution of gift cards. The distribution goals is a minimum of 150 gift cards with a minimum face value of $20 per card.

Black Friday Gift-Cards Distribution

Our Black Friday distribution has occurred annually since 2012. We will continue that endeavor via fundraising during the 2nd through 4th quarters as well as through net proceeds of our 8th annual Holiday Charity Affair.

Georgia Homeless Facts

Source: 2017 Report on Homelessness - Georiga's Department of Community Affairs