About Shoes for Shelters Foundation, Inc.

Melissa Bryant, Interim Director

Melissa is driven by a spirit of service. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science, and an Associate of Science degree in Nursing. Assisting with the development of Shoes for Shelters Foundation is an extension of her spirit of commitment to community and supporting those that are disenfranchised or facing socio-economic hardships. As a professional nurse and 13 years as a community case manager, Melissa brings forth a wealth of experience in securing resources as well as practical, relevant help for those in need. Melissa relocated to Atlanta in May 2017. Her goal is to continue developing a network of resources and business relationships to secure funding, assets, and a base of support for the mission of Shoes for Shelters Foundation. Beyond the provision of tangible benefits to shelters, Melissa desires to positively affect the lives of shelter residents and affirm to them that hope and goodness still exist in humanity.

Our History

  • 2021 - Planning to reinstate fundraiser event in 2022
  • 2018 - Adding a Mother's Day gift card distribution
  • 2017 - Exceeded all previous gift card donation goals
  • 2015 - Incorporated and became a tax exempt entity
  • 2012 - Inaugural Holiday Charity Affair

Christopher Bryant - Founder's Message

Having a burning desire to show regard for the disregarded was my motivation for writing a fundraising event to provide new shoes for women and children residents of homeless shelters. When the first fundraiser was originally produced in November 2012 I had no idea from where the resources would come, yet I started anyway. After five years of producing the fundraiser, we were fortunate enough to evolve into a tax exempt entity, entitled Shoes for Shelters Foundation. I am reminded of a loosely expressed axiom: The best gift a person can give is not from a traditional retailer, but from the heart and soul of their natural ability. I believe that my natural abilities include writing, organization, and manifested concepts via our events at Hillman B2. Those are the retail gifts of my soul, and the very ones I endeavor to use for this humanitarian cause.

Our desire is to provide shoes to homeless shelter residents – not used, worn, or handed down – but new shoes which they will purchase in the most dignified manner from blocks of donated gift cards.

Successful and participatory fundraising initiatives will allow for more gift cards to be purchased, and more shelter residents to be assisted. Your help is desired. Your help is needed. Visit our support page for ways to assist. Thank you.