• bar-svc-double

Bar Service - 10x20

Custom-made solid-wood bar with handwashing sink and LED ambiance lights. Delivered with two 10x10 tents. The Bar Service tent may be used for serving alcohol or non-alcohol beverages. If seating is desired, click Next Item to see Bar Lounges.

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  • (1)10x10 Tents
  • Bar Dimensions: (W)31" x (H)42" x (L)63"
  • Bar weight: Approx. 230lbs
  • Durable casters for placement on various surfaces
  • Serving side of bar includes a cabinet
  • Coasters, napkins/stirrers + caddy, hand soap dispenser
  • *LED Multicolored ambiance lights
  • *Operating sink for handwashing
  • 20-Gallon Rolling Ice Chest included
*Requires access to electricity.
Bars at Night
Night View w/Lighting
Bar Lights + Tent Lighting
20 Gallon Rolling Ice Chest
Pairs well with Bar