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Cigar Lounge - 10x10

The Cigar Lounge is the exclusive Society content area where smoking is allowed. This relaxing adult environment includes mesh high-back black chairs, cocktail tables, as well as branded sidewalls and/or stanchions. Contingent upon surface we also have optional flooring support including black kiwi or turf. Ash trays are also included. The Cigar Lounge pairs perfectly with the Bar Service or Bar Lounge options.

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  • Adults 21+ only
  • Larger size available with more tents, tables and seating
  • 10x10 Tent
  • Ashtrays
  • (2) 30" skirted tables
  • (6) black mesh high-back chairs
  • Optional flooring availalbe
  • Due to the presence of tobacco, the chairs and tables for this area are not interchangeable
  • Solar ambiance tent lighting included for evening events
  • Includes riser and decorative figurine
cigar lounge1
Cigar Lounge
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cigar lounge1
Cigar Lounge
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