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Cigar Lounge & Bar Lounge

The Cigar Lounge and Bar Lounge combination includes two separate or adjoining tents, both with seating. The Cigar Lounge includes mesh high-back black chairs, cocktail tables, as well as branded sidewalls and/or stanchions. Contingent upon surface we also have optional flooring support including black kiwi or turf. Ash trays are also included. The Bar Lounge includes a custom 42" high bar, with a cabinet on the serving side. Seating includes two barstools at bar counter, in addtion to two 30" high-top cocktail tables with spandex skirting and two black metal barstools each. Cappuccino swivel barstools are availalbe for an upgrade if flooring is selected. A rolling 20 gallon ice cooler is included. The Speakeasy Collection is exclusively for ages 21+.

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Cigar Lounge

  • 10x10 Tent
  • Ashtrays
  • (3) 30" skirted tables
  • (6) Black mesh high-back chairs
  • Optional flooring availalbe
  • Due to the presence of tobacco, the chairs and tables for this area are not interchangeable
  • Includes riser and decorative figurine
  • Solar ambiance lighting included for evening events

Bar Lounge

  • 10x10 Tent
  • Two static metal barstools at bar counter
  • Two 30" high-top tables with spandex linen
  • Tables include four static or high-back swivel barstools (selection contingent upon placement surface)
  • Specific centerpieces and spandex linen color based upon availability
  • Bar Dimensions: (W)31" x (H)42" x (L)63"
  • Bar Weight: Approx. 230lbs
  • Durable casters for placement on various surfaces
  • Serving side of bar includes a cabinet
  • Coasters, napkins/stirrers + caddy, hand soap dispenser
  • *LED Multicolored ambiance lights
  • *Operating sink for handwashing
  • Rolling Ice Chest & Wine Buckets also available
  • Solar ambiance tent lighting included for evening events
*Requires access to electricity.
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Cigar Lounge
Bar Lounge