Turnkey Event Services - Agency

Please Note: The Titles below offers brief insights into our turnkey process. You may request a comprehensive presentation event services. Click the last Title (Get the Comprehensive Version) below for information on receiving the presentation.
Who We Are

Hillman B2 is an independent agency which specializes in events and promotions. The agency was founded in 2008 by Christopher Bryant, after over 15 years of professional experience in every major aspect of event promotions including; account management, concept development, sales, logistics, as well as execution support of national mobile marketing tours.

What Are Your Specialties?

We offer complete production services that includes developing and executing festivals, concerts, and other events for municipalities, agencies, and enterprises.

Minimum Event Cost

We require a minimum production budget of $20,000 for small special events.

The Client

Our goal is to properly service the agency requirements, which will in turn satisfy the clients and accounts.

The Products

We understand that brands have equities, product positions, and in effect – embodies a persona.

The Target Audience

State your audience, environment preferences, and other suitable elements for your brands. Our task is to locate those conditions, or create them.

The Execution

A bad idea, when executed greatly, is better than a great idea, when executed badly.   Simply put, we are fully aware that execution is the crowning achievement of a campaign.

Staffing & Event Management

Effective staffing and cost monitoring are essential. We will ensure the event is properly managed and staffed. Volunteers will also be recruited, if applicable.

Getting Started

Tell us your desires. We will discuss via conference call or meeting, followed by submitting a proposal for your event.

Get the Comprehensive Version

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