Turnkey Event Services - Event-Properties/Private Enterprise

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Who We Are

Hillman B2 is an independent agency which specializes in events and promotions. The agency was founded in 2008 by Christopher Bryant, after over 15 years of professional experience in every major aspect of event promotions including; account management, concept development, sales, logistics, as well as execution support of national mobile marketing tours.

What Are Your Specialties?

We offer complete production services that includes developing and executing festivals, concerts, and other events for municipalities, agencies, and enterprises.

Minimum Event Cost

A $20,000 minimum production budget is required for small special events.

Required Planning Time

For the most effective planning and execution, a minimum of 120 days lead-time is required for events and forums.

You Have Event Options

Whether you choose to participate in one of our existing signature events, or source Hillman B2 to develop a custom event, the main objective remains the same; which is to fully immerse your product or service in the mind and consumer behavior of your target audience.

Reaching Your Target Audience

State your audience, environment preferences, and other suitable elements for your brands. Our task is to locate those conditions, or create them.

Currently on Radio?

Radio ads are among the most expensive cost items for events. If you frequently purchase spots, some of your existing inventory can be used to market your special event.

Events are Experiential

Upon confirming an event for your product or service, we will develop creative ways to immerse your brand into the event, while simplifying customer engagement.

Online Integration

We will develop a professional, Responsively designed website which impressively renders in all viewing environments including desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. We use the latest web design techniques including HTML5 and CSS3.

Social Media Integration

Our social media strategy for events include: account integrations, content development, account specific widgets, and ad placement.

Lead Generation

In order to ensure guest impact and message delivery, it is important to reach the target audience before, during, and after the event. As part of Turnkey, we deploy database software, technology and tent stations for client staff to engage consumers and collect data.

Staffing & Event Management

We will assist in controlling labor cost, as well as providing management, staffing and volunteer contacts for event execution.

Getting Started

Tell us your desires. We will discuss via conference call or meeting, followed by submitting a proposal for your forum or event.

Get the Comprehensive Version

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