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Our Story

This is page is regarding the founding of Hillman B2. For information about Christopher Bryant, click here

Hillman B2 was incorporated in 2008. Our team members consist of an active group of service and execution-driven professionals. The initial service offering included events, promotions, design and creative writing. Because of the expense and risk factors of events, the initial focus of the independent agency was small business support services of design and creative writing. Clients were recruited by door-to-door sales and social media. Most clients were interested in either website development or nonprofit and tax exempt document origination. Since the ultimate desire and plan was to develop events, In January 2010 Christopher Bryant started planning for the first event, which was a community festival. The effort was aggressive and the process was highly regulated by a municipal body. After months of intense meetings with the event board, the festival was permitted. A neighborhood group contested the event and was awarded a temporary court injunction, the event was therefore cancelled one day before setup. That disappointing and costly affair underscored the concern of risk factors regarding events. Christopher returned to small business support tasks for an additional two year period.

In October 2012 he was inspired to write a vastly different event – one that was geared towards serving others rather than fulfilling his personal event preferences – that event, entitled Shoes for Shelters, was created to raise funds to assist homeless women and children with purchasing new shoes of their preferred size and color. In 2013 Christopher then created The King’s & Queen’s Glass, a premium product and party experience. Both events have since been produced annually, and Shoes for Shelters evolved into a tax exempt entity, entitled Shoes for Shelters Foundation. The name of the event has been changed to Holiday Charity Affair, and still supports women and children in homeless shelters. In 2018 The King’s & Queen’s Glass is scheduled to expand into two additional markets including, Augusta and Macon. Soul of Summer, a live music event, was created in 2016.

Due to the demands of event production, small business support services were discontinued in 2015. In 2018 Christopher created Turnkey, which is a suite of Hillman B2 commercial event services targeting municipalities, agencies and enterprises. Turnkey includes event production, event website design, registration, and onsite data collection for commercial clients. Additionally, new signature events are being developed for 2019 and beyond, including Pizza & Jazz (the name says it all), and Dance Museum USA, our first planned theatre event.

The 2010 festival effort was a painful experience, but it served to direct the course and better prepare Christopher for the challenging yet rewarding realities of event promotions. This entrepreneurial journey is at times disappointing as well as exhilarating, but such is the fulfillment of any appointed vision. The challenges and victories are equally embraced.