light efx


Pricing includes light units and installation of weather-protected electrical cords. The Bar Lounge includes complimentary Light EFX. Package pricing for 10x10 guest lounges requires a minimum of two tents. Lights and installation for the first two guest lounges is $75, and $25 for each guest lounge thereafter. Lights and installation for 20x20 guest lounges is $75 per lounge. See more information and images below.

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  • Colors include red, purple, yellow, white, green, blue.
  • Dimming Function
  • Remote control included
  • Flashing mode
  • Solar lights installed as a power-loss backup
  • *Access to electricity is required.
Light EFX - Red
Red Setting
Light EFX - Purple
Purple Setting
Light EFX - Blue
Blue Setting
Light EFX - Green
Green Setting
Light EFX - White
White Setting
Light EFX - White
Multi Setting