Venue Site Plan Downloads

Important information regarding Setup and Takedown Hours:

The earliest setup period for either site plan starts at 9AM. If an event’s start time conflicts with the maximum setup timeframes estimated below, then setup will be scheduled for one day in advance of the event.

New Yorker and Floridian Setup Time Span:
3 to 7 hours.

Texan and Californian Setup Time Span:
6 to 9 hours.

If a New Yorker or Floridian venue event concludes after 10:00 PM, takedown will occur the day after the event. If a Texan or Californian venue event concludes after 7:00 PM, takedown will occur the day after the event, These timeframes should be factored into any booking agreements with the space or property on which the Society venue will be staged.

If Society furnishing must be left after-hours, Hillman B2 will arrange and pay for overnight security to protect venue assets. At the discretion of Hillman B2, customers may however be required to provide security during their event hours.

Click or tap your preferred Society venue to download a 3 page PDF which includes an itemized list of assets, and a print-size version of the site plan. All booking requests must begin with an Estimate. For questions, please contact us

New Yorker 2K SF
Floridian 4K SF
Texan 7K SF
Californian 12K SF