Data Collection/Lead Generation

If your event is free, data should be the revenue. For ticketed events, Atlanta is full of groups and entourages. If a group of 5 attends your event, but one person purchase the tickets, you are shorted information for four people. Let's fix that.

Event organizers and producers are aware that capturing data from attendees is critical, including those that are anonymous because someone else purchased the ticket. By having a direct connection with attendees, acquiring data lowers marketing cost for annual events. Our data collection service helps to address those needs. We provide the personnel, software, tablets, WIFI connection and hardware, as well as the tablet station. Data entries are stored on a secure Microsoft cloud server. We will also assist with locating and securing branded premiums that are required for participation incentives.

They attend your events. Get the data.

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  • Multi-unit tablet station for data capture
  • Personnel to assist guests with questions or data entry
  • Exhibit equipment suitable for indoor or outdoor events
  • Distribution of provided incentive premiums
  • Data maintained on secure Microsoft cloud server
  • Email addresses validated through auto-response function
  • Mobile friendly confirmation is shown before receiving premium
  • Portable power resource for backup or replacement power
  • Client receives database in Excel/CSV format