• pizza
    Get Ready For...
    Pizza, Beer & Jazz
    August 15th | Deer Lick Park - Douglasville
    Tickets on Sale in July!
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    150 Years of Douglas County!
  • beer
    Get Ready For...
    Pizza, Beer & Jazz
    August 15th | Deer Lick Park - Douglasville
    Tickets on Sale in July!
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August 15th - Deer Lick Park - Douglasville

At Pizza, Beer & Jazz you may enjoy mouth-watering pizza and wings. There is also a variety of refreshing beer selections including craft, domestic, and import. This outdoor event features live music from diverse, popular jazz artists including 5x’s Grammy nominated Ashanti “The Mad Violinist”; Madoca, the sensational keyboardist and composer; and the multitalented Jazz Revolution. We will also acknowledge the celebration of Douglas County's 150th Anniversary! Pizza, Beer, & Jazz is hosted by Dwayne Boyd, an Atlanta-based actor who was recently featured on The Walking Dead, Army Wives, and Tyler Perry's The Haves and Have Nots. DJ Mike Webster will spin head-bobbing tunes between sets.

Ticket options include general lawn seating, stagefront tables, group tents, as well as limited seating in the Cigar & Cognac Tent-Lounge. Furnished, premium seating tent-lounges are provided by Society - The Upscale Mobile Venue. Seating space is limited so remember to get your group tickets early! Tickets on sale starting in July. Dine, dance, and drink responsibly!

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Pizza, Beer, & Jazz is an outdoor event that takes place on a football field with over 57,000 square feet of open space. There is more than sufficient space to accommodate small-group assemblies and individual social distancing. Our COVID-19 precautions are as follows:

  1. All guests are encouraged to wear a mask.
  2. Individual lawn chairs/blankets will be spaced 6 feet apart, except for couples.
  3. Stage-front seating is restricted to 2 per table.
  4. Stage-front seating tables will be spaced 6 feet apart.
  5. Group-Tents will have a maximum capacity of six.
  6. Group-Tents will be spaced at a distance of 6ft to 10ft apart.
  7. Though the cigar lounge has capacity for 48, only 32 tickets will be available.
  8. Hand sanitizing stations will be available throughout the event area.
  9. Any food partner will have sanitizing requirements that are consistent with local health regulations.
  10. Please ensure to also read the House Rules regarding the event.


The Mad Violinist
Jazz Revolution


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