As a convenience to prospective customers, we have included key components of our Society Residential Booking Agreement. A link to the full agreement will be included at the bottom of your invoice/quote sheet.

1.Level Surface Requirement

A level surface is required for installation of any Society equipment. If the delivery driver/setup-team is not able to setup due to a non-level surface, the setup will be disallowed and the Cancellation/Refund Policy will go into effect.

2. Content Availability Policy

Due to the variables of supplier inventory, shipping terms, product accessibility, and unforeseen dynamics of events, the availability and volume of any specific furnishing, decor, or entertainment content of Society is subject to change. Though we will attempt to appeal to personal preferences, table setting arrangements are provided as a courtesy. We guarantee that all content listed in the Invoice is on-hand or likely attainable at the time of invoicing. If we later discover that a specific furnishing, decor, or entertainment item is not expected to be available for the scheduled rental, we will notify the customer within 24 hours of discovery or the next business day. Under these circumstances, Hillman B2 reserves the right to make comparable changes without customer consent or approval.

3. Payment Requirement

Fifty percent of the Invoice is due upon receipt in order to confirm the Delivery Date. Remaining balance is due 5 business days prior to the Delivery Date.

4. Delivery & Setup

The Delivery Time estimate is included on the Invoice. Due to possibility of traffic and unforeseen circumstances, we allow driver/setup team delays within one-hour. The driver or a setup team person will contact the customer via phone and/or text message regarding any delays. We also allow the customers up to an hour for unexpected delays. Upon arriving at the residence, if the setup team does not have access or is prevented from setting up within one hour of arrival, the setup will be cancelled, and subjected to our Cancellation/Refund Policy.

5. Smoking Restrictions Policy

The only lounge area and furnishing that can be exposed to smoking or vaping is the Cigar Lounge. If the customer allows smoking at the event, the Cigar Lounge must be included in the rental. Designated tents, tables and chairs are included in the Cigar Lounge. Due to the presence of tobacco scent, this equipment is not interchangeable and therefore cannot be placed in other lounges. If smoking or vaping occurs in other areas of assets, the scent will permeate the tent awnings, fabrics or furnishing. The customer will therefore be charged a minimum cleaning fee of $200.

6. Cancellation/Refund Policy
  1. Thirty-Day Minimum Notice: If there is a customer-initiated desire or necessity to cancel the rental, a cancellation notice must be stated in writing by sending an email to If the written cancellation is received 30 or more days prior to the Equipment Delivery Date, the customer will receive a full refund minus a $150 planning fee. The refund will be processed within five business days.
  2. Less than Thirty-Day Notice:If the cancellation notice is received within 29 to 21 days of the Event Setup Date, we will offer a rental credit minus the cash value of the $150 planning fee. The rental credit will expire nine months after we receive the cancellation notice.
  3. Less than Twenty-One Day Notice: For cancellations that occur in less than 21 days prior to the Event Setup Date, no refund or venue credit will be offered or allowed.
7. Inclement Weather Policy

For the purposes of this agreement, inclement weather is defined as heavy rain that includes incidence of thunder and/or lightning. Snow, ice, or wind that equals or exceed 25mph are also regarded as inclement weather conditions. Regardless of the Micro venue selected, 90% to 100% of the seated spaces (excluding park benches) are tent covered.

  1. Because Society is designed for primarily outdoor usage, present or forecast rain is not a just cause for cancellation of a booking. Any customer-initiated cancellation due to rain is subject to our Cancellation/Refund Policy.
  2. If inclement weather is forecasted an hour or less prior to an event, Hillman B2 will allow or require a Weather-based Cancellation. If we declare a Weather-based Cancellation we will offer a venue credit, minus the $150 planning fee. The venue credit will expire five months after the cancellation date and is subject to equipment availability dates.
  3. If the event has been underway for less than 50% of the scheduled span of event time, and we declare a Weather-based Cancellation, we will offer a rental credit. The rental credit will expire five months after the cancellation date and is subject to rental availability dates. The rental credit value will be minus the $150 planning fee.
  4. If the event has been underway for 50% or more of the scheduled span of event time, and we declare a Weather-based Cancellation, no refund or rental credit will be allowed.