Failure Came First.  |   A Story by Christopher Bryant.

Though I have always been passionate about events, starting in 2008, the first two years of Hillman B2 services only consisted of small business support, including creative writing, digital services, and origination of tax exempt application documents. In 2010 I endeavored to produce my first large scale event entitled, “Festival at Camp Creek”. The celebratory jazz format event was to pay homage to the first major retail development that spanned Atlanta, East Point, and bordered College Park. After nine months of work and successfully completing Atlanta’s grueling street closure permitting process, an area HOA filed an emergency injunction against the production. The stage, lights, and audio were already paid for, as well as a radio campaign on a Cox Media station. I was served a court summons via email three days prior to the event. The petition was upheld, and Festival at Camp Creek was cancelled by judicial decree.

Tom Jones, a WSBTV reporter, made on-location televised comments regarding the cancellation before I was able to speak with him. I walked away broke and broken while bearing a $12,000 loss. I also temporarily walked away from event production. Two years later I produced a charity event, entitled Shoes for Shelters, and continued development of additional events thereafter. Over fourteen years later, Hillman B2 still owns the Festival at Camp Creek domain name. Why? For two reasons: I embraced the experience, and secondarily, I lost the battle but retained the vision.

Our Event Philosophy: Guests will remember the experience and finite details of an event long after the affair concludes. At Hillman B2, we plan for the arrival of guests, and their memory.

2021: Pizza, Beer, & Jazz

2016: Soul of Summer

2013 - 2017: The King's & Queen's Glass

2012 - 2018: Shoes for Shelters Charity Affair

2011: HB2 Produces Retail Center Grand Opening Event for Inland Atlantic Development Corporation. Berkshire Hathaway's Business Wire publishes story. Current tenants include LA Fitness, Marshall's, and Ace Hardware, among others.